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"Must view" LHON talks

The United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation has organized a symposium delivered by the world's leading researchers on mitochondrial disease and optic neuropathy.

None other than Douglas Wallace himself, the discoverer of the mitochondrial genetics of LHON, entertainingly reveals mitochondrial biochemistry, genetics and metabolism as well as the new and extremely important LHON mouse research model. Delightful!

For more detail, see his 2010 paper: Mitochondrial Energetics and Therapeutics for an outline and critique of metabolic therapies for mitochondrial diseases to date and a discussion of the revival of ketogenic diets and a more systemic approach as potential therapy. His paper describes a firm theoretical base to explain anecdotal successes in mitochondrial disease therapy.

Dr Alfredo Sadun makes an invaluable and accessible contribution regarding the state of the art of clinical aspects of LHON.

Dr Valerio Carelli discusses therapeutic options in LHON. He expertly reviews and explains methods of reducing reactive oxygen species and methods of increasing axonal mitochondria.

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