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P. O. Box 777, Cornwall NY 12518, USA
Phone/Fax: (845) 5348606

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Efficient funding

IFOND is an extremely lean, all volunteer registered nonprofit with very low costs. Our research funding process minimizes costs and maximizes direct funding for researchers' direct research, non administrative expenses. Our scientific board includes many of the prominent world leading published researchers in optic neuropathies. If this big bang for your buck model appeals to you, please donate. If you are a researcher in optic neuropathy, we welcome your funding application.

Recent donors

IFOND gratefully acknowledges the contributions of all our donors. If you are interested in hosting a fundraising event on IFOND's behalf contact IFOND at The great efforts of our recent donors need special mention:

Einhorn Family Charitable Trust, a New York State based Family Charity Trust and previous generous donor, gave $ 1,000.00 in January 2019. Thank you again.

Donald Diehl, a stalwart IFOND funds raiser, raised almost $ 2,000 to January 2018 on Facebook by asking friends to donate to IFOND for his birthday. Happy Birthday, Don!

In December 2017 IFOND were very grateful to accept a $1000 donation from Lions Club, Cornwall New York. They continue the traditional support of Lions Clubs International for sight programs around the world.

McCormick & Company, Inc have been generous regular donors:

In January 2019 IFOND received $3,602. Don Diehl's employment at McCormick and company and their Matching Gift Program and United Way of Maryland enabled this generous act.

In January 2018 McCormick again donated to IFOND $6,637.01. Effusive thanks have flowed in emails from our board members. As in the past, the money will be well spent on research in optic nerve disease.

In February 2017 IFOND received $ 6,792 from the matching gifts program. $ 3,396 was donated by 7 McCormick employees (including Donald Diehl) and McCormick Co. matched it with another $ 3,396. Our thanks to McCormick and Company for their generosity and to Donald for all his diligent work these many years helping raise funding for IFOND.

In March 2016 Donald Diehl was again presented with a Community Service Award by McCormick and Co. for his work on behalf of IFOND. As a result IFOND received a $5,000 donation from McCormick & Co.

On Jan 29, 2015 again McCormick & Co. matching gifts program provided IFOND with $7,345.95.

On Jan 28, 2014, through the efforts and generosity of Donald Diehl and several associates at McCormick & Co. of Sparks, Maryland, and McCormick and Co's Matching Gift program we received $6,932.

In 2013 we received $ 8,006. from the McCormick & Co. Matching Gifts Program.

In 2012 we received $ 5,000 with this letter:

McCormick & Company, Inc.
18 Loveton
Circle, Sparks, MD 21152-6000
Tel (410) 771-7301
Fax (410) 771-7462
April 24, 2012

Mr. Fred Diehl
International Foundation for Optic Nerve Disease
P.O. Box 777
Cornwall, NY 12518
Dear Mr. Diehl:

It is with great pleasure that we present this check in the amount of $5,000 to the International Foundation for Optic Nerve Disease (IFOND.) Donald Diehl was recently presented with an award as a Finalist in the McCormick Community Service Award Program. The Community Service Award is presented to employees who best exemplify McCormick's commitment to improving the communities in which we live and work through their volunteer efforts. We are very pleased to recognize his time and commitment to your organization and this important cause.

It is our hope that the McCormick Community Service Award Program, and the efforts of people like Donald, will continue to inspire other McCormick employees to give back and volunteer their time to helping others.
Melissa Milkewicz
Director, Global HR Operations & Employee Engagement
cc: Donald Diehl

In 2011 we received $ 3,300 from McCormick & Co., Hunt Valley, Maryland - Matching gifts program.

The Welcoming Club of Garden City
For their very generous donation in July 2010 the amount of $15,000.

The Knights of Pythias, Long Island Chapter.
For their kind donation of $1000.

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The International Foundation for Optic Nerve Disease
P. O. Box 777, Cornwall NY 12518, USA.
Phone/Fax: (845)5348606
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