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Mitochondrial Regulation

Unravelling the complexity of mitochondrial function and regulation is fundamental to understanding health and disease. This is very relevant to major disease groups such as cancer, vascular disease, dementia, and other nervous system disorders including optic nerve disease.

It is important to understand not only genetics of the DNA of the cell nucleus and mitochondria, but also the mechanisms of transcription of the genes of the DNA to the RNA intermediaries; the role of non coding RNA; post transcriptional changes on RNA; the translation of the RNA to functioning proteins, as well as post translational changes to those proteins and influences on protein functions. Recent experimental work is uncovering this regulatory complexity and opening opportunities for therapies. Much more work is needed.

The Medical Research Council, one of seven tax payer funded Research Councils in Great Britain, has an annual expenditure of about £ 3/4 billion. It has recently sponsored an open access review of advances in Regulation of Mammalian Mitochondrial Gene Expression done by authors in the MRC's Mitochondrial Biology Unit in Cambridge.

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